Joseph Ruben


Joseph Ruben is from the islands of Fiji. I was raised in a humble home with wonderful parents and six brothers. We didn't have much growing up, however, seeing how my parents worked day and night to provide us everything from food to clothes to school fees (yes, we pay to go to school in Fiji). Seeing my parents set the example of working hard motivated me to do the same.

From a very young age (16), I started working during the holidays and breaks. I was able to make my first shift computer from scraps when I was 12, which sparked an interest in technology. I excelled in this field from a very young age. After returning from volunteering for two years of my life to serve the people of Fiji, I started working in the technology field, which led me to Brigham Young University Hawaii, where I graduated with two bachelor's degrees in information technology and systems, two minors in digital systems and digital technology, and two certificates in arts and business.

After working a year at the Polynesian Cultural Center in the MIS department, I decided to follow my hunger for success to the University of Utah, where I got my Master of Science degree in Information Security and Systems. I finished my degree in one year so that I could come back to Hawaii and marry my sweetheart. Ever since then, we have only moved forward. We started this business in hopes of serving the community and raising the standard. We hope to grow this business without changing our values and standards.

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